“For enterprises looking for a higher standard of software development services”

DataExperience is proving to be the leading developer of complete database driven software solutions that automate and optimize business processes for some of the world's most ambitious organizations. The company has worked on various projects for organizations such as Genentech, Amgen, Inc., Electronic Arts, University of California, Stanford University, Novell, Inc. and Nortel Networks.

Why DataExperience is different

First and foremost – there’s the team leader, Jonn Howell, with unsurpassed skills in working with complex business requirements. Add a lineup of multi-disciplinary specialists to focus on the various aspects of application environments and you have a group of experts to handle even the most challenging of development projects.

A fixation on standards and conventions

No one is more passionate about using best practices to leverage standards based code development than DataExperience. Not just FileMaker Pro certified, DataExperience demonstrates unrivaled knowledge in creating and applying code conventions consistently across all project tasks.

An obsession for quality

From gathering prerequisites all the way through user training, DataExperience scrutinizes every detail. DataExperience writes (and commits to) comprehensive requirements’ documents, provides frank all-inclusive estimates, rolls out projects in discrete iterative phases and performs meticulous user testing and training sessions.

Unmatched in its collaboration with clients

DataExperience is dedicated to creating rich interactive user experiences exclusive to each project and strives to understand everything about its customers' challenges in order to create solutions that will deliver the greatest value for them. DataExperience has added team members with distinguished track records in key technical sectors, who can serve as subject matter experts to provide clients with valid insights and viable solutions specific to their industry issues.