Enterprise Software Development & Experience Design

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We help organizations develop robust database application environments, using database tools such as FileMaker Pro®, and enhance these projects through our extensive comprehension of user experience design.

Since every undertaking is unique our methodology for building software applications is flexible yet articulate. We capitalize on new technologies such as Web 2.0/3.0 code frameworks to produce truly innovative solutions while tailoring solutions to our client’s needs.

We foster the belief in contributing our knowledge to others. For that reason, we consider the association with our clients as well as the developer community paramount to our success. We are active leaders in the developer community via our participation in developer events as well as partner knowledge sharing.

Software Development

Requirements gathering is the foundation for building successful software applications and there is no better resource for establishing this groundwork for enterprise software development than DataExperience. We have unsurpassed talent in place to collect, assess and deliver comprehensive requirements documentation for projects of any breadth. Combine this basis for understanding your core business needs with our first-rate development skill set and successful software production is ensured.

User Experience Design

Transforming exceptional software applications into powerful experiences requires an understanding of user expectations. We study user psychology to understand the process of creating compelling user experiences. Components of user centered design come together based on a whole set of decisions about how the application works in relation to the user’s role. These conclusions are a result of multi-disciplinary expertise from our development team.